Rabbi Haim Weinraub

S. M, Translated by Jessica Cohen

He was the last in a generation of talmidei hachamim and scholars in Buczacz, who gave it the reputation of being a town of Torah experts and scholars. Born in Kalush in 5623. At the age of 17 he married Pia, nee Anderman, and moved to her hometown of Buczacz. Here, in an atmosphere soaked in knowledge and wisdom, he found satisfaction in continuing his studies, and set aside time to study Torah. He would sit in the old Beit Midrash, finding pleasure in the rare and valuable books it housed. He soon began to offer his extensive knowledge to others in that Beit Midrash. Every Shabbat, for many years, he lectured on the weekly portion, and on Shabbat evenings taught Moreh Nevukhim [Maimonides Guide to the Perplexed] and Akedat Yitzhak. His words were imbued with knowledge and skill. Being blessed with a wonderful memory, he was able to pepper his lectures with witty phrases and the everyday talk of talmidei chachamim. He drew and fascinated an audience of listeners, who became his followers. His Bible commentary, which was published in 5699, was lost in the Nazi Holocaust. He educated his sons in the national spirit. He died in Buczacz in the year 5699. His eldest son, Matityahu, an enthusiastic champion of the Hebrew language and preacher of Zionism among the youth, and his daughter Prima, both died as martyrs at the hands of the Nazis. His son Shaul, an activist in the Hitachdut, Poel Hatzair and Tzeirei Zion and a leader of the Jewish community in Vienna, and his son Michael, live in Israel.

S. M,